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Tiniciti Preschool is an Early Childhood Education Center dedicated in creating responsible citizens who are equipped to succeed in the Twenty-First Century. We aim to create an environment that nurtures an honest, respectful, responsible, compassionate and creative child who is capable of problem-solving through investigation and collaboration. One who is committed with the community and environment in which they belong.

Through a combination of the world’s most renowned philosophy and creative curriculum, our goal is to provide a high-quality Early Childhood Education Center for families and investors alike. We aim to create an innovative and technology-rich environment that invites children from infants to age five to participate in meaningful, eco-conscious, enlightening, and creative learning experiences. We aspire to aid in the development of responsible and resourceful citizens of the world.

The greatest psychologists and educational philosophers of the century inspire our day-to-day interactions at Tiniciti.
With our educational belief, a philosophy rooted in the concept that all children have Multiple Intelligences, our teachers and students benefit from a rich education, gaining twenty-first-century skills. Of which include collaboration, problem-solving, and participation.
Teachers in our classrooms take on the role of the observer; documenting the growth and development of class projects. Furthermore, they assist in engaging children daily with an array of activities. Lastly, teachers act as researchers alongside children and their staff peers.
As we prepare children for a prosperous future, we supplement our project-based learning with a world-renowned academic curriculum, created by our in-house curriculum specialist. This incorporates hands-on and interactive activities. This promotes progress and fundamental reading, writing and math skills. Children are invited to participate in diverse academic lessons on an individual and small group scale. Teachers work alongside children at their unique level and speed. In turn, aiding the development of essential life skills.
At Tiniciti Preschool, we embrace technology as a necessary skill. Our school is equipped with state of the art technology in every classroom. Teachers incorporate the use of computers, iPads, digital cameras, Smart Boards, and Smart Tables to support the learning and research going on in each classroom. We realize that modeling the proper use of technology will benefit the children in their future endeavors.
Eco-conscious education is incorporated throughout the school daily. Our teachers and staff implement the ideas that we are responsible for nurturing tomorrow’s future. Therefore, at the bottom of each interaction, we maintain environmental ideals and morals and share these with the children.
As a brand, we are always looking for ways to expand our reach and involvement in the education community. We cannot talk about our vision without mentioning our deep desire to go past early childhood education. Tiniciti’s brand is progressively recognized. Combined with our proven results, and years of experience in the education industry makes us want to branch out our brand into elementary schools. This will allow us to offer our students a smooth transition and sense of continuity while providing our parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are in safe and capable hands.
A business that MATTERS with a company that CARES
Growing demand, as more and more dual-income families and single parents seek high-quality childcare


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