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Physiologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences States:

That not only do human beings have many different ways to learn and process information but that these are independent of each other. Leading to his theory of Multiple Intelligences as opposed to a general intelligence factor among correlated abilities. Gardner currently lists the intelligence as:

  • Nature Smart (naturalist)
  • People Smart (Interpersonal)
  • Number Smart (Logical/ Mathematical)
  • Picture Smart (Spatial/Visual)
  • Music Smart (Musical)
  • Body Smart (Bodily-Kinesthetic)
  • Word Smart (Linguistic)
  • Self-Smart (Interpersonal)
  • Each intelligence is seen as unique and strong. With these, children excel with the combined strengths of individual intelligence.
  • At Tiniciti we maintain a unique curriculum infused with technology to create an environment that incorporates a comprehensive educational experience, focusing on social and emotional growth, alongside academic and environmental consciousness.

We proudly offer our families the following incentives:

  • A clean, safe, and nurturing learning environment that allows children to move around and explore freely.
  • Freshly prepared hot lunches and two snack times daily.
  • Extended hours and weekend care.
  • Age-appropriate extra-curricular enrichment activities.

Older students receive, enjoy and benefit greatly from:

  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Science

Younger students enjoy and benefit greatly from:

  • Music
  • Tini-Tumblers (movement and coordination development)
  • Baby Gurus (meditation for infants and young toddlers)


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